“The Raw Gospel”
Even at this moment, we’re still shuffling track lists around for the new project series we’re starting, despite the fact that we’re simultaneously attempting to begin throwing out singles for people to check out. We want the impact of this music to be felt a certain way, which is something any artist can find relatable. It should distinguish itself from other sounds, and the entire movement should be able to benefit from its uniqueness. The movement is an ideology, after all, and it’s vying for supremacy against many other conflicting ideologies floating around in the aether.

So many people advance this asinine notion that one has to do something to earn God’s forgiveness. Most commonly, you at least hear that a person must repent and ask for forgiveness for one’s sins, but that’s extra-biblical; it’s a misinterpretation of the Bible. Christians are known for being conservative zealots, preaching repentance to those who don’t attend a church, and what’s that even about? Catholicism has very specific ideas about the value of particular sins—bad deeds—even to a dollar figure, and they claim that some kind of remuneration, whether monetary or ritualistic, must be paid to earn forgiveness. Many Protestants preach that one must repent and ask forgiveness, which is more liberal yet still wrong. God forgave everyone for everything long ago. No one has ever needed to earn His forgiveness, yet religion has always been this manipulative institution that destroys and improperly disseminates a broken gospel.

The raw Gospel, which is a word that literally means “good news,” is that everyone has already been forgiven even before birth. That’s why it’s so ridiculous that so many Christians single out homosexuals and transsexuals as somehow uniquely distant from earning forgiveness for being human. The human condition is fraught with that which was not God’s original plan, but He’s never held that against us. Whether or not the government acknowledges a homosexual marriage is an irrelevant and unfair question that arbitrarily privileges heterosexuals over homosexuals, speaking to the character of both groups and claiming that one is inferior in the eyes of God. This is the gross failure of institutionalized religion.

RBF’s music talks about forgiveness—God’s justifications of our existences and reconciliation with Him for the fall of man. Odds are many homosexuals have more intimate relationships with God than those heterosexuals who hate on them and want to make their lives miserable. The purpose of the movement is to open everyone’s eyes to the triviality of these arguments. No judgment from any

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