Hello World,

This is the voice of the movement. This is the culmination of spiritual revelations in the lives of both BD and Said J who comprise the new duo, RBF, presented by Tha Hitz Entertainment. See, what’s stupendous about this movement is that every facet of it is responsive—reactionary. In their lives, it’s a reaction to the adversity they’ve endured in recent years, and with regard to listeners, the movement brings a message that has resulted from their realizations about what Christians (Catholics and Protestants alike) have fundamentally misunderstood about the Gospel and the ultimate purpose of the religion these churches have created in the first place.

Decided to start blogging out some of the thought processes behind not just our music but also our whole campaign. There’s so much to do, and we want the sequence of events from here on to be as efficient as possible. Obviously, the solution is to follow God’s lead. This blog is basically just going to chronicle that thought process as genuinely and casually as possible. If anything, we ascribe to an M.O. that revolves around authenticity toward both listeners and God. In literature, if a narrative is written this way, it is sometimes referred to as a “stream-of-consciousness” style of writing; a popular example would be The Hunger Games series. Essentially, we want to narrate this movement in a very in-the-moment way so that readers/listeners can really get a feel for what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

First obstacle: separation. Up north, you’ve got BD singing and producing in Detroit, Michigan, and down south, you’ve got Said J rapping and writing in Nashville, Tennessee. That’s a gap, and right now, we’re trying to quickly but meticulously strategize relocations to streamline all the work out of one place. That potentially means moving another primary Hitz producer, Robert White, as well. Consolidating the team has been an issue from the start in fact; nevertheless, even with this inefficient model, RBF has gotten a considerable amount of work done in a rather short amount of time, which speaks to God’s involvement in all of this, pushing the work. This is especially significant considering that we’ve kept the team itself small to the tune of only about five or six people, though we benefit from the support of several others.

Despite the current separation, which still stands between the key musicians involved, RBF is now proceeding with the launch of a project series. So far, the plan is to release the projects in succession with six months between each project, but that could change. We’re preparing to roll out singles soon, too. Throughout all this, though, the team is also in preparation to demo some work, consider investors, expand, consolidate, wash, rinse, repeat, etc. To those reading and listening, pray that people’s hearts and minds will be open and receptive to this progressive, musical discussion. Also, enjoy the site’s launch song, “Less Is More (More to Come),” and know that there is certainly more to come.

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